How the Smoke Pencil Works

June 11, 2015 Sarah H

To determine drafts and air leaks in a home, professional Energy auditors and HVAC installers use the Smoke Pencil puffer stick. A small amount of smoke is produced from the non-toxic Smoke Pencil to help you find drafts in your home. Pull the trigger on the Smoke Pencil, near the area where you think the draft is, and then watch the movement of the smoke to see how the air is moving. Features like the light at the end of the Smoke Pencil allow for easy recognition. The Smoke Pencil is simple to use and also comes with a 3 oz. bottle of smoke fluid with a special filling tube.

The amount of smoke produced is up to you. The smoke is not harmful. It is similar to the smoke from a toy train and is made up of non-toxic sweet-smelling Glycol and Glycerine vapour. It is up to you how much smoke is emitted, since holding the finger trigger is what produces the smoke. Other smoke sticks and puffers frequently produce dangerous and caustic smoke, however the Smoke Pencil does not produce any smoke that is dangerous or caustic.

The Smoke Pencil can be used in many different areas! The Smoke Pencil can be used throughout your home for different applications such as determining if your fireplace chimney will draft properly or testing your damper to see if it is sealing tightly. You can see if your windows and doors are weather stripped well and seal tight. Test to see if you need to tape or mastic the HVAC ducts in your basement or attic. There are many more uses as well!

Transportation Note: Other types of smoke sticks and smoke puffers have very dangerous chemicals or flamables in them. Most of these other smoke sticks cant even be brought on a plane or sent via Air Package Carrier or US mail because of the dangerous chemicals they contain. This Smoke Pencil is different since it operates on a harmless glycol, glycerin and water vapor. Also the smoke fluid comes in a small 3 oz bottle that is the allowable size by TSA.

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