Chimney Balloons : Reduce Air Loss by 27%

March 05, 2013 Michael Ridler

Chimney Balloons are simple to use and easy to install but the savings they can provide are far from small. In a third  party blower door test conducted by a certified energy rater the Chimney Balloon increased the results of the Blower Door test by 27% .

Decreasing the air loss means less heat escaping out of your home and reduced heating bills.

The Chimney Balloon was invented in England by an accomplished plastics engineer, David Woodman. He invented this simple cost effective chimney insulator to stop the  bitter cold draft that descends fireplace chimneys each winter. The Chimney Balloon is widely used by chimney sweeps, energy auditors, and fireplace owners worldwide to stop cold  drafts,chimney odors, and bat,  bird  and bug entry through the  flue.

The Chimney Balloon is easily inflated and quickly stops heat from escaping out of your chimney when it is not in use. Here are a few common questions and answers in regards to the Chimney Balloon product and how it is used.

Can I use a Chimney Balloon in any fireplace?

You can use a Chimney Balloon in 99% of fireplaces and stoves. You just need an unobstructed area in the chimney flue to install it.

Is the Chimney Balloon easy to remove and reuse?

Yes – You can reuse your Chimney Balloon. To uninstall the Chimney Balloon, simply open the valve on the end of the Chimney Balloon handgrip, wait for the balloon to deflate, then gently lower the balloon out of the flue area.

Then reinstall the Chimney Balloon when you are done using the fireplace and the flue has cooled down again.

Do I have to remove it before I light a fire?

Yes. If you accidentally light a fire under the Chimney Balloon it will shrivel and burst in seconds to let the smoke and fumes go up the chimney.

To avoid this situation, use the provided small red reminder card and put it in a prominent place (like on the gas tap or wood grate) to remind you the Chimney Balloon is installed.

How do you inflate a Chimney Balloon?

Each Chimney Balloon comes with a flexible removable inflation tube. This tube allows you to easily infl ate the Chimney Balloon by mouth or with a low pressure pump (like an air bed pump) or shop vacuum.

What is the Chimney Balloon made from?

The “pillow” portion of the Chimney Balloon is a flexible proprietary plastic tri-laminate that took years of testing to develop.

Each layer has a special chemical property to make it strong, durable and insulating. The Chimney Balloon is transparent to aid in proper sealing and fitting.

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