Chimney Balloons

The Chimney Balloon, also known as a Chimney Pillow, is an inflatable fireplace damper that serves as a chimney draft stopper to block out cold chimney drafts and odours from coming into your home. Homeowners spend millions each year caulking, replacing windows & doors, and weatherstripping to make their home more energy efficient. However, one of the biggest culprits of energy loss is not so easy to see, it is the fireplace damper. The damper is the metal flap in your chimney that acts as a fireplace plug when you are not using it. 

That damper gets warped and degrades over time. Often you cant tell it is not sealing because you cant look at it close, but you can feel the cold air. What you need is a more effective inflatable chimney stopper to eliminate the cold fireplace draft. The Good Thing About Chimneys: Chimneys act as a funnel and pump to take smoke and dangerous gasses away. This is good when there is a fire. 

The BAD Things About Chimneys: Chimneys work hard even when there is no fire. So they are the easiest escape route for the warm air in your house. The symptom of heat escaping your chimney is cold air in your fireplace or powerful drafts from very small gaps in your windows or doors.

Cold air rushes in through the gaps in the floors, doors, windows, outlets, and down the chimney. We seal floors, replace and calk windows, plug outlets, but often neglect to take a closer look at the hole in the roof, the chimney. Cold air can't get in unless it is going out at the same speed. Often times your fireplace chimney is the culprit allowing the escape of warm air for the other drafts to rush in.

The Chimney Balloon™ (often referred to as a Chimney Pillow™) is specially engineered, guaranteed, and patented to fix the problem of heat escaping your chimney and drafts coming down your chimney when not in use. They will stay in place for years, are re-usable, will deflate automatically if you start a fire and ever forget to remove it unlike a regular damper, it is low cost and reusable. 

The Chimney Balloon is a product that seals more effectively than glass doors and metal dampers, after testing by a certified third party energy auditor. Chimney Balloons are rain-resistant, sturdy and flexible and are available in standard and custom sizes as needed.