Chimney Balloons

Chimney Balloon Air Pump

Chimney Balloon Air Pump
If you plan to install and uninstall your Chimney Balloon® more than 4 times per year you should consider an accessory pump. It is especially useful for Chimney Balloons that are 24x9 and larger.

This Rechargeable Chimney Balloon Inflation pump made by Coleman® requires no batteries and is perfect for speedy inflating and quick deflating of your Chimney Balloon. This inflation pump kit includes the ergonomic pump with AC plug recharger pack and two inflation nozzles. This pump inflates the large standard 36x15 Chimney Balloon in 60 effortless seconds. Because of its reversible airflow option it can also deflate a Chimney Balloon to an absolutely flat state for storage in 60 seconds.

The Chimney Balloon USA Research & Development labs tested 6 different hand held pumps to work with the Chimney Balloon. This pump was selected by our team because of its portability, ruggedness, and long charge retention. It is also continues to be used in our R&D and Quality Control lab for regular testing of product.